At Cross Pit Lane Dental Practice, we will outline to you the likely cost of any course of treatment which we prescribe.

Good value is important in dentistry as in any other field and fees reflect the standard of treatment offered. The cost of the procedure is always supplied in advance and fees are discussed with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We accept cash or cheques backed by a cheque guarantee card.

Denplan Essentials Private Fee Guide

Description Pay as you go Denplan Essentials
Routine Examination £50.00 Included
Scale & Polish £40.00 Included
X-Ray £20.00 Included
Pan Oral X-Ray £35.00 Included
Composite (White) Fillings on Posterior Teeth – prices from £110.00 £95.00
(White) Fillings on Anterior Teeth – prices from £80.00 £70.00
(Silver) Fillings – prices from £90.00 £80.00
Root Fillings Posterior Teeth – prices from £350.00 £300.00
Root Fillings Anterior Teeth – prices from £300.00 £250.00
Bridges – prices from £360.00 per unit £350.00 per unit
Crowns – prices from £360.00 £350.00
Dentures (full set) £800.00  
Partial Dentures (acrylic) £360.00 £330.00
CO/CR Dentures (partial) £750.00 £650.00
Extractions – prices from £80.00 £70.00
Implants – prices from   £2,000.00
Supplementary Insurance Not included Included

Please note: All prices are for guidance only and may vary.

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